• "You came to us in a time when things were "hard and messy”. You brought peace to the chaos. You helped us find the right path and tried to keep us all on board. I am incredibly grateful to you for the past few months..."
    Head of accounting & personnel, trading company
  • "... For me, together we set different priorities and helped us all to move forward."
    Chief Sales Officer, Trade Stock Corporation
  • "I thank you for your support and inspiration along the way."
    Managing Director, IT system house
  • "I would like to thank you most sincerely for what I consider to be a very pleasant cooperation."
    Board of Directors, Savings Bank
  • "The consulting phases were characterised by a fair, trustful and goal-oriented cooperation. The structured approach of in the process of the as-is analysis up to the modelling of the target process should be emphasised. ...“
    Head of Personnel & Organization, Seaport & Logistics Provider

  • "… Also, I would like to thank you for the very pleasant, aim-leading work with you this year. I am glad about the continuation next year. ..."
    Sales manager, Measuring Instrument Manufacturer
  • "… Thanks for the fact that you have started with me [...] a thought process which has brought me near to the conversion [...]. [...] thanks for the fact that you have accompanied me on this way repeatedly. ..."
    Department Manager Materials Management, Automotive Supplier
  • "… I would like to thank you for the great cooperation and the input ..."
    Department Manager Operation, Special Logistics Enterprise
  • "... I have enjoyed our conversation rounds very much and have taken many suggestions. From my side from a highly successful Coaching. ..."
    General Manager Fleet Management, Logistics Operator
  • "I was as excited by the work [...] as the company's management. Together exist good chances to change course."
    General Manager Reorganisation, Guarantee Bank
  • "... […] succeeded by his charisma in incorporating the management as well as the employees in the process of the reorganisation and in taking everybody on this way."
    Managing Director, Logistics & Transportation Company
  • "... I thank you warmly for the good cooperation and am looking forward to further mandates in future!"
    Senior Consultant, Interim Management Provider
  • "... We felt the cooperation with you as open, always constructively and solution oriented. You have been an always reliable partner for us in questions of corporate management. ..."
    CTO, Special Purpose Machinery & Vehicle Construction
  • "… I have taken of a lot of positive from our talks and hope for common challenges this year."
    Managing Director, Logistics Company
  • "On account of the arrangement of the project the consulting firm was a conceptual strong partner which questioned quite professionally and constantly positive-critically our own considerations. We have come to a very sustainable concept within the common Workshops."
    Manager Human Resources, Metal Processing Enterprise
  • "The performed work was a good guideline for meetings of the management and supervisory board as regards the future development of the enterprise."
    CEO, Shipping Company
  • "… thanks for the open - and also for me personally - highly interesting conversation. Such a thing also helps on you because perceptions harden for me in the course of the conversation."
    General Manager Human Resources, Bank
  • "Within the scope of this project we have got to know the consulting firm as uncomplicated, quickly and reliably working partner."
    Management Human Resource Development, Steel Industry
  • "The fact that these positive changes could be also reached just "in the heads" to our opinion is above all ascribable to your even-tempered, objective, sensitive, and always stringent purposeful guidance and project management."
    Managing Director, Public Company
  • "You looked always comprehensively at the enterprise and considered as your job to consolidate all developments in and requirements on the enterprise, to take care of its processing and to pursue this goal-oriented. With pleasure I confirm to you that you were a support to me in the management of my enterprise."
    Managing Partner, Mechanical Engineering Company
  • "… we would like to thank you for the pleasant - and also uncomplicated - cooperation and we are looking forward to further common activities …"
    Member Managing Board, Seminar Organising Company
  • "Thank you very much. The course enriched us with a vast knowledge, and we will implement in our countries."
    Participant, International Management Training
  • "We have spent an exciting day within the scope of our seminar programme. By the competence and the engagement of the trainer arose a welcome opportunity to look out at the edge of a usual advanced training programme!"
    Member Executive Board, Association
  • "… to be free to work together with such a pleasant, always cooperative and reliable partner is for me a personal pleasure and honour."
    Project Manager, University
  • "I would be glad if once again the opportunity would arise for cooperation."
    Member Managing Board, International Chamber of Commerce
  • "… by no means I would like to keep the thanks for a very successful seminar."
    Member Executive Board, Professional Organisation
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