About us

We are a group of experts with different backgrounds, specialisations and diverse insights from life and leadership situations. We are businessmen, business economists or practitioners and experienced as companions, coaches, consultants, implementers.

Nikolaus C. Raben

  • Over 15 years in management responsibility in medium-sized companies, thereofnr final
  • 10 years as managing director and member of executive boards
  • Since 2001 economic and business coach, interim manager
  • Since 2005 lecturer at DIU Dresden International University
  • Consultant for topics of corporate management and development, leadership and change
  • Since 2012 volunteer in various responsibilities, e.g.
  • Since 2012 advisory board functions
  • Since 2019 Board of Directors of Permagold eG

Focus of action:

  • Corporate management and development
  • Processes of growth, change and crisis
  • Strategy, process and organisational development
  • Support and development of executives and management teams
  • (Company) Succession
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Assumption of temporary responsibility (interim management)

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