Organisational Development


  • Internal view is complicating the identification of alternative ways
  • Position-fixing and analysis of potentials
  • Coping with growth, change or crisis
  • Wish for additional expertise in the realisation of changes
  • Project support - structuring, processing, monitoring, reporting & communication
  • Aligning corporate strategy as response to external demands
  • Review, clarification and optimisation of processes, interfaces, and organisation
  • Reorganisation, restructuring and turn-around
  • Optimising the basics of business ratios
  • Implementing managerial control instruments (e.g. controlling)
  • Unfolding significant functions of value creation (e.g. innovation management)
  • Assistance in preparing for negotiations with banks
  • Reducing organisational burnout risks
  • Organisation or culture are blocking change
  • Finding and defining development of corporate culture
  • Creating cultural basic conditions (e.g. guidelines and general principles)
  • ...


  • Analyses, evaluations, presentations, individual and group discussions, workshops
  • Number and duration according to requirement and in close coordination
  • In the company, at the workplace when developing concrete aspects
  • In a place beyond the usual professional environment, possibly in the company

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