wachstumGrowth is a beautiful phenomenon and is initially seen as the result of successful corporate development!

However, corporate practice is usually not prepared for growth and its consequences. Thus, negative side effects are rarely or late recognised. In companies, which develop rapidly in turnover and consequently in the number of employees, the focus increasingly shifts with increasing incoming orders to the handling of day-to-day business. Issues that only have an impact in the longer term are not considered!

This "overlooking" takes revenge with a time delay in the form of diffuse signals. Developments and signs are perceived whose cause seems unclear. Thus, the symptoms are worked on without recognising, addressing and changing the actual causes. And measures that led to the company's success are ineffective at an advanced stage of unprocessed growth. Growth can thus lead to crises that threaten the very existence of the company!

Recognise together with us your growth situation and regain your company integrity with appropriate measures!

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