kriseCrises are events that better do not exist!

So, we like to ignore developments and events, do not want to perceive them or even ignore them, which do not fit into our picture, just as we want to see "our" world now. Because we strive for a world of thought that is as harmonious as possible! As the crisis progresses, we devalue or forget unpleasant information and set out in search of information that supports our previous thinking and thus confirms our present view and calms us down!

All this takes place likewise in corporate context as soon as a development or situation is perceived or assessed by the actors as a crisis. It is therefore likely that corrective measures will not be implemented or at least will be delayed, which usually leads to a further worsening of the crisis!

Together with us, make sure that you recognize signs of crisis promptly and take targeted measures that will lead you out of the crisis!

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