Economic Coaching


We accompany you in the control, design and development of your area of responsibility by ...

  • Concentration on those aspects that need to be changed!
  • Involvement of the affected people in the common work!
  • Leadership through alternative perspectives and opening other perspectives!
  • Development of sustainable ways and use of applicable instruments!
  • Use of economic knowledge and approaches as a basis for our work!
  • Help to self-help, because we want to make ourselves dispensable!

Thereby ...

  • we do not apply standard or "copied" solutions,
  • we consider the individuality of your organisation,
  • we look at the whole and track down the real causes,
  • we value and respect what has been achieved as the result of your work,
  • we use what has already been created as the basis for our joint work,
  • we accompany and support you at eye level and with a high degree of solidarity,
  • we use instruments, methods and procedures of coaching.

It is therefore not a consultation in the classical sense, but - just - Economic Coaching!

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